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    Need advice on future storage

    Appreciate it, just talked to them. Looks like it is a good recommendation.
  2. sjimbrow

    Need advice on future storage

    I have been going over the DotHill website and I have two questions Can I just buy regular 3.5 drives? (Do I have to get them from them?) How are they on drive support for size? (IBM said they would not support larger than 3TB on our model) The Ultra56 looks like it supports 6TB, will it be a software update for 8TB? Again I am unfamilair with DotHill so besides the website have people been generally happy with there products and support?
  3. sjimbrow

    Need advice on future storage

    Thank you Kevin for your response. I do have some room so I would certainly want to use the 3.5 disks. So I could attach the Ultra56 to the existing FC SAN switch, and the software in the Ultra56 would allow me to create LUN's and present them to the VM's? Sorry if the question is simplistic, but outside of the existing IBM SAN I don't know a lot. thanks
  4. sjimbrow

    Need advice on future storage

    I have limited rack space, so the density of the storage is important and the SAN will only support 3TB drives, so I am looking for something that will have greater density Budget is a real concern but not totally limiting, I am looking for something more cost effective than the SAN. All the current interfaces are FC, but there is ethernet avalible.
  5. I have an IBM DS-5100 with Cisco MDS9148. I am not out of storage yet, but the SAN is smarter than what I need. I need to store large amounts of data that I write and occasionaly retrieve. My thought was to somehow use FC JBOD's to resove future storage issues but am slightly unfamilar so am looking to find one with redundant RAID controllers that would allow me to present LUN's via the MDS to the VM's as the IBM does now. As I am not using the full fuctionality of the SAN it seems to me a less capbible storage solution would be a more cost effective option for the future. Any advice would prove helpful thanks