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    Need advices in SSD choice

    Thanks man, you saved my purchase Nothing like talk to the bests in section
  2. wsarahan

    Need advices in SSD choice

    So the picks you mean is the 850 Pro and the SanDisk Extreme? The Neutron XT not?And if I got what you said I have to choose between the SanDisk Extreme and the 850 Pro right? With one is your choice for me as you said I only have this both now to choose if we descart the Neutron XT? Thanks man
  3. wsarahan

    Need advices in SSD choice

    Well, my needs are simple, I need a SSD with high capacity as at the PC I'm a overclock enthusiast and a hardcore gamer, have a huge system to play and to do normal stuffs
  4. wsarahan

    Need advices in SSD choice

    Hi Brian how are u? The point for me is another I live in Brazil, a way expensive country to buy this stuffs, here a 120GB SSD is the same price that I can get a 1TB SSD at USA So i have the oportunity to travel to NY and get a piece for a fair price, that don't happen here That's why I wanna a best one in this case, I don't know when I'll have the oportunity to go back to USA again Considering this what you recommend? The SanDisk Extreme as well or another one? Thanks Thanks man for the tip And Brian your advices will be very important for me to decide, I know that you are an expert in this case
  5. Hi guys how are you? I`m going to the USA next month and i`ll buy a new high capacity SSD for me I live in Brazil and here one of 1TB or 960GB SSD is something about 3x the price that we pay at the USA So i saw this both SSD`s and wanna know what`s the best choice, and of course, if you have some more advice fell free to post here I saw the 850 Pro but it`s a little expensive , but you are the expert guys, i wanna the best option with a good price, i saw this both but i do not know so much about the SSD`s, and i saw the crucial M550 too with 1 TB Well it`s up to you guys, wich you decide i`ll get for me, you are the experts Thanks guys