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  1. Many tks, Kevin. Yes, my target is not performance, in this case, but reliability and space... And the fact that a card could die with no previous advise... that is my first worry. And tks for the Samsung point, I'll consider it for the next ones...
  2. Hello, I've just received @work a new Lenovo T440s with a 230GB SSD. While its performance is quite ok for my job, I miss my previous 320GB 7200HDD, that was almost full. I cannot change my SSD, nor I'd like to have always with myself a bulky external USB3 HDD, so... I've bought a new Transcend SDXC 128GB card (UHS I - U3, model TS128GSDU3) that I'd like to use as D: drive for less used, downloads or archived files. I've tested its read performance and it's 70MBs on average (not the 95 exposed in specs, but it could be ok for me - always better than previous HDD). My major concern is... RELIABILITY. While I could obviously back it up on my NAS at regular intervals, I don't know how much lower these cards have a specific read/write lifecycle than regular SDD/HDDs. And if are there any specific tools that could check and try recovering lost data situations, similarily to HDDs (I know there are recovery tools, but dunno how reliable). Any ideas on this? Many thanks in advance!