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    Hi, Need help with 840 Pro

    oh thanks for your reply. Yeah I already got that installed, I thought there was something else or some more complicated steps to fallow, I do see some settings on that program that seem to help the drive. Well thanks for the help that should be all for this thread. !!!
  2. CHRIS7509

    Hi, Need help with 840 Pro

    Hi guys again and if I could just bother you with one more question, My drive is all OK after the secure erase, clean windows install and runs smooth not a single problem , I am writing you guys from it right now ( main OS drive) My question is how do you use the Samsung software to be able to get the most of the drive? My used SSD came in the box but no CD ( I should be able to get it from Samsung ) and I really have no idea how to use the software. First I though it would be a program that you have to install before the windows install but that may not be the case, anyway. I know nothing about the drive so please don't omit anything. I just want to know how do I use the software to get the most of the drive as I hear in some reviews. Thanks
  3. CHRIS7509

    Hi, Need help with 840 Pro

    Ok guys I Secure Erased it with Magician Soft and it erase all those partitions and I was able to install windows Great, I just finish installing windows so I don't have anything on it yet ( programs updates drivers... ) but so far seems good. NOW there is just one thing that got me worry : when I was at the Secure Erase window I saw a little message that I don't really understand but shows like an error, says " the attached ssd is in a frozen state click help to remedy this problem " ( check pic attached ). Before doing this erase that message was there, I tried to follow the instructions on the help window many times but I still get the same, so I decided to still proceed with the erase anyway, it did it fast and result said something like : " Secure erase successful ", so I went ahead and partitioned as one single drive, installed windows with no problem and that's where I am. Now even after all that when I run Magician again and go to the Secure erase option still shows the same message. What does this means? Hopefully nothing wrong with the drive. Also on the main page of Magician the drive comes out as drive health status : good and Genuine. And it says total bytes written : 0.22 TB that's not a lot right? do you guys know what that message means? Thanks Chris.
  4. CHRIS7509

    Hi, Need help with 840 Pro

    Thanks for your replies, any good software for secure erase?, So that's not how it comes stock right, about those partitions? Also I should not need the Samsung software to install / run windows and should be as easy as on my Kingston's right? Thanks.
  5. Hi guys I just got a used Samsung 840 pro and I can't do a fresh Windows 7 install. I have two Kingston's and they are as easy as HDD's but this one is not. I installed the SSD on my pc, MB sees it, windows disk load and process starts. When ever I get to Where do you want to install windows ? I can see FOUR (4) disk partitions on the Samsung 840 drive (only one drive on pc during this install), ( see attached pic) of course I choose the last one main free space and installation process begins, but after some mins I get a file error like : " the X... file is corrupted run chkdisk " So that stop the installation and aborts it. That's as far as I can go, What am I doing wrong? I heard of the Samsung software Magician but is it really a must? Also is the drive suppose to have that many partitions? or they were made by previous owner? My windows disks are good cos I just installed it again on my Kingston so I can have my pc back. I even tried both windows disks 32 and 64 bits to double check but same thing. First time with this drive here so I don't know much about it Thanks for all your help in advance. ! Chris.