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  1. Thanks! I have been able to get the script to work like I wanted, I am just having a hard time replicating your preconditioning curve graph (which is very helpful when comparing different SSDs). How did you grab/calculate that information and graph it? Do you a a github account where you happen to have this code?
  2. Just to clarify, after you run a specific preconditioning you run that specific test prior to running the next preconditioning? For example, run the 100% write throughput preconditioning then the 100% write benchmark followed by a 100% read preconditioning followed by the 100% read benchmark etc.
  3. Thanks for the speedy response. Just curious, if you set the size (in your case 25G) on NAS/SAN you must take the time limit off? How did you end up deciding on 25G and not a range of sizes? I have to admit that I haven't just tested a single hard drive so I have always done my tests based on size, when I have tried running fio on just a plain filesystem it still asks for a size, is there a flag I am possibly missing? Again, many thanks and I am enjoying the website!