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    Opened hdd platters...

    Does the hd have to same storage space to change parts out I want buy identical hard drive but maybe less space and replace the parts not touching the platter or disk
  2. andreyi

    Problem with my External HDD

    i tried direct noting happens
  3. andreyi

    Opened hdd platters...

    i opened my hd to see if my platter was scratched it was not is it possible to get the same hard drive and take the platter out and install in a new drive i really hate to spend 1000 of dollars for data recovery which in my opinion its a rip off i dont think its that difficult to do
  4. Hello im new here i found one post on this forum but it did not state the fix. I have external 750gb 5400rpm hgst HDD in a enclosure (dynex 3.0 usb) today i drop it on accident it was not running when i power it up the computer can not recognize the HDD, Hard drive start i get clicking noise and then stop what is does the usb turns off here is example of what i mean please someone help me out i have very important data i need to recover