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    HDD Secure Erase

    Thanks for a reply. If I understood correctly, you claim that HDD performance is exactly the same like it was 2 years ago when I bought laptop (despite formatting and moving data)? Secure Erase is only for data recovery prevention and it can't degrade HDD performance, right? I asked because I plan to perform Windows 7 clean install and this hard drive sustained many full formats. I am curious if that would affect HDD performance and life? Do you recommend full format again or should I go with quick format?
  2. theblackbombardier

    HDD Secure Erase

    I have 2-year-old Toshiba laptop with one HDD. I want to improve it's performance. I need some help about that. I've heard that 'Secure Erase command will restore the SSD to factory write performance'. What about HDD? Is there any way to restore HDD to factory performance or at least significantly improve it's performance? Should I use Secure Erase for this purpose? I know about some programs which can perform Secure erase command ('Parted Magic':, 'HDDErase': Are they secure enough, can you recommend them? Which one is better? I know about some standard methods to remain HDD in healthy state like defragmenting hard drive periodically. HDD model: Toshiba MK5075GSX Thanks in advance. PS: I am new to this forum. So if this is not right place to ask redirect me where to do so.