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  1. Nothing like the good old myth that SSDs are more reliable than HDDs. An HDD that doesn't have any manufacturing defects and survives the first few months or so will probably last a very, very long time. SSDs have a seriously limited lifespan, a problem inherent to the technology. This is a scientifically proven fact, and it's only getting worse as more levels are added to a single cell to squeeze extra storage at the cost of further decreased reliability. To make matters worse, data retention in SSDs that are not powered on is extremely limited compared to an HDD. If you keep your SSD offline for a year you are probably boned. No such problems exist with an HDD. Use an SSD to put stuff you don't really care about but you want the performance (eg: operating system, programs - stuff that can easily be reinstalled or replaced). For long term storage of your important stuff, keep multiple copies in HDDs.