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    Hard Drive Problem

    I have a 2 TB External Hitachi USB 3 Hard Drive. I was transferring 200 GBs of data on my Windows 7 Internal Hard Drive to the External HD. At around the 40gb left mark I forgot that I was transferring files and I accidentally hit the hard drive. I heard an error noise from the hard drive for a second. The impact wasn't hard but it apparently was enough to make the noise. The files seemed to proceed to copy as normal and at the same speed after the incident. I then went to see if all the files copied and it looked good. The hard drive seems to perform as normal afterwards. I ran a chkdsk from the command prompt and it reported no errors or bad sectors. I read online that you can damage your hard drive if you move it while files are being transferred. I don't think that I damaged the hard drive or feel like the files didn't copy correctly. But I am nervous that I might have damaged something. Is there some sort of test that I can run to tell if I physically damaged the Hard Drive?