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    Issues with IBM M1015

    Hey, We've got a storage server with the following specs I3-4130 Z87 Asus Gryphon 2 x 4GB Ram 1600Mhz (idk brand) 1000w Cougar PSU 8 x 4TB WD Red Drives 2 x 1TB WD Red Drives Intel quad gigabit nic 2 x IBM M1015 Raid cards with M1000 Raid 5 key So we've been trying to get this to work for some time now. I'm not sure why though we're attempting to setup RAID 5 on these cars (Well any of the raid choices), and it all seems to work fine initially, though when I format the drive once created, it usually blue screen's, and then when it's all working, I go to copy 650GB of files over our network to it, though it continues to blue screen, all with different Blue Screen codes/issues so on. I've been having issues figuring out if it's not compatible with Win8 or Server 2012 R2. I've tried on both, and they both still throw blue screens. I've also attempted to plug one of the RAID cards into another machine incase it was a faulty CPU/Motherboard, and I was getting the same issue there too. We've got 2 of these Cards, though I'm only using the one at the moment as we only have 8 drives, and as there's no option for expansion once it's created. I've tried with 2 x drives, didn't seem to have an issue, If I recall it crashed on 4 x drives, and obviously continuing to crash with 8 drives. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.