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  1. I found that not but .. Is there some 3GB options or not ?
  2. Thank you for your answer. I'm not very happy that I don't have any choose between more HDDs.. Seller wrote me that caddy support only SATA II NOT SATA III. Is SATA III important for that HDD? I read in one forum that T520 don't support SATA III and in another one that support ;-)
  3. Hi there I prefer quiet before speed one. Maybe will be better 5400rpm before 7200rpm ? Or is someone quiet with 7200 rpm too ? Will be better connect my old Toshiba MK5061GSY to Ultrabay and new one as Master? Ill have dualboot. On master HDD will be only Ubuntu and on second one will be one ubuntu patition and one partition with Windows. See you any problem with that? I would like to buy a cheap caddy from Ebay .. Somethink like that one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ultrabay-SATA-2nd-HD-Hard-Drive-Caddy-Tray-Lenovo-ThinkPad-T420i-T510-W510-T520-/221059818576?pt=US_Drive_Bay_Caddies&hash=item3378312450 Its good idea ? Thank you and sorry for my English