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  1. Around 2-3 months ago I discovered my primary HDD (WD-1002FEAX-00Z3A0, it's a western digital) had 1 write error count. I kept checking everyday (I'm serious) if the value was increasing but it didn't until today. (I did a chkdsk right after I discovered the write error count. Here is the log: http://pastebin.com/3t4yQshw) Today I checked the value as always but to my surprise, the value is 0 (it decreased from 1). I don't understand. Is the HDD going to fail sooner? If not, what happened to that write error count? I'm so confused. Any help is appreciated. Thanks... SMART:
  2. Similar problem as in the write error count reset to 0? Or you had several write error counts?
  3. I did an extended test with WD diagnostics and I couldn't find the log but in test result, it said: PASS. Also, I checked the SMART attributes again and they are the same. Strange situation...