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    Weird Seagate 1TB problem...

    My friend I don't think I can change the firmware of a seagate drive that easily I read online that I will have to desolder and resolder the chip from the PCB to move the firmware! And the update program I ran didn't update anything either, still same firmware on drive. And with "/dev/zero" what do you mean? No its the original drive's PCB. The one with the problem.
  2. zero_cool

    Weird Seagate 1TB problem...

    Well, I already recovered the data, the drive is working. I am asking out of curiosity mostly, its a weird problem isn't it?
  3. Hi to all, A couple of days ago, my "1TB ST1000DM003" Seagate with firmware "CC49" and S.M.A.R.T. status "GOOD", started behaving oddly. When I was trying to copy an amount of data bigger than a few KB from my SSD windows 8 drive to this drive, the copy process was starting normally for a second and then the graph was dropping gradually to zero... At first I thought it was a windows problem and started backing up data to format the SSD with a new OS but after shutting down the computer once, the drive failed completely. After the shutdown, my 1TB seagate was not spinning any more, the bios was reporting "sata3 hdd error" and the size of the drive has been reduced to 123GB from 1TB according to BIOS status. In windows the drive was detected normally on "Device Manager" and it was normally appearing on Computer but without access to it and with the wrong size. After trying a lot of things, like changing the PCB, and some HDD utilities, I tried updating the firmware of the drive with the seagate utility I downloaded from the seagate website (the .exe not the iso), and like a miracle in the middle of the process of detecting the drives on my system, the hard drive resurrected and started spinning!! After that, the machine rebooted into windows and the drive was exactly as before, normal size, all data present and full speed without any problems! My question now is this, every time I shutdown the computer the drive becomes broken again, and every time I run the seagate update program is being resurrected! So first of all, what is the exact problem of the drive and is there any way to fix this error, without loosing the drive or changing the PCB?