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    Upgrade question

    Upgrade successful. Here's how it went. Samsung Migration software does not copy the over provisioning partition. So after the upgrade I had ton run Magician and setup the recommended OP size. Only issue I had was setting up rapid mode. I had to disable rapid mode, reboot, enable rapid mode and boot again. Other than that, upgrading from a 250GB SSD to a 500GB SSD went well.
  2. BillS22

    Upgrade question

    I'm upgrading from an EVO 250 to a EVO 500. My current SSD is setup with an Overprovisioning partition per Magician software size and recommendation. I plan to clone my 250 SSD to my 500 SSD via USB before installatoon Should I turn off the OP on my 250 first? Or will magician size the OP partition correctly on the new 500? Thanks, Bill