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  1. Thank you, drive is toast confirmed. Took me this long to find another drive in my area And that one works. At least nothing else is toast and the computer, HDD and floppy drive A works perfectly! ) Thanks all for your help, Regards, kbs1
  2. Well because I like vintage computing and I'd like to use the programs I have stored on that harddrive Any other folks with particular experience on MFM drives? Thanks
  3. I own an old 286 PC made by DTK, it's called 'Mini 286'. It's equipped with 1mb ram and it's made in 1989. It was laying in my closet for 6 years now. I've remembered it might be a good time to change the CMOS battery. I was too late, it has already leaked. I disasambled the whole PC, resoldered a new battery, cleaned out the corrosion and it works just fine. I gave it a perfect clean. There is not a dust particle left. I disassembled and cleaned everything, including the power supply. I've never cleaned the PC before, so now it was a good time as I had to completely disassemble it to remove the main board from the case. Eager to get it working again, I plugged in the data cable of the ST-251-1 the other way around (on the controller side, as the disk side is keyed). Now the bios was dead (obviously since I've changed the battery). I did not remember the "hard disk type" off hand. So I googled. I found this drive should be either type 30 or type 44 on my system. It has 820 cylinders and 6 heads. 44 and 30 are the only two types that match up in my bios. However the drive is still dead. The green led comes on a couple of times at bootup, and the drive spins up, but the system says Physical disk 0 failure. What exactly has failed and can I ever know? It was plugged in the opposite side the first ~6 bootups before I gave up with the bios settings and started looking for a problem elsewhere. That's when I've found the flipped data cable. The drive certainly did work before (6 years ago). Could I have blown something when I reversed the connector? The drive sounds normal and healthy. Thanks