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    Total overhaul of my data center.

    As always it comes down to dollars, I expect this to solution to come in between 40 to 100k or at least that's the quotes I have at this point. I'm currently watching Storage Field Day on some of these options mentioned here. I can see why people just specialize in storage wow. Have you had any experience with the compellent solution?
  2. shockme

    Total overhaul of my data center.

    Brian, 1.We have a large mix of servers ranging from desktops running as hyper-v to 3 HP DL180 G6 running hyper-v core. 2.Right now its all 1gbe on HP Procurve 4208vl. 3.Localized right now but there is talk of opening a remote site. 4.Yes will we be redoing the backup solution as the 2nd part of this refresh. (I'm hoping to use my current hardware to cover that) 5.There is no team I handle everything. I would say I can speak intelligently about storage, but I'm not expert. 6.No budget but I have let the know this is not going to be cheap. Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm currently tasked with overhauling our data-center from top to bottom. The first stage is to get our new storage fabric in place. I'm looking for the community views, experience and knowledge you are welling to share. I have spoke with HP, EMC, Dell, Gridstore, Nutanix, and looked at Windows Storage Spaces. We are a small company that is going though growing pains as it transitions into a medium size. We are a totally hyper-v shop and have about 25 servers that are currently running the following work loads ranging from, Exchange 2010, SQL 2005-2012, Microsoft CRM 2011, Microsoft GP, and a host of other servers all Microsoft. No matter what solution I buy my top concerns are flexibly and ease of expansion, performance, and cost effectiveness. Right now we have about 7.5 TB of live data and could possibly take a large jump if we land certain clients. Thus why I'm concerned about the ease of expatiation. Thank you for taking the time to read this.