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  2. I just read on another forum page that it depends on the power consumption of the disk as to whether the enclosure can supply enough for it to work. Someone said that anything higher than 256GB would need more power. Any thoughts on this? I don't want to get an enclosure and SSD that aren't compatible for bus powered operation. Thanks!
  3. Ouch - got me! Well, they are pretty.... Thanks a lot for the advice - much appreciated - will inwardly digest...
  4. Dear Santa...... Hmm..., don't know if I've been THAT good this year - but thanks for the pointer! (also as this is TB2 and I have TB1 on my mid 2012 MBP, would this be half the read & write speeds as mentioned in the article (1375MB/s)? Ok, so if I go down the route of getting an enclosure and SSD separately and doing it myself, are there any recommendations on the make/model/size of the SSD I should go for - now that I've learned that not all SSDs are created equal? (can one get an enclosure for bus powered drives, no need for external power supply?) I work with no more than 150GB of video files per project and can then archive them to a larger, slower disk for storage. So I don't need Terabytes of storage - this is why I was looking at the 256GB model. Would getting a larger capacity SSD mean better performance then, and would it be noticeable enough to warrant the increase in cost?
  5. Thanks - I looked at the 256GB model as its more within my price range. I wasn't aware that smaller capacity SSDs could mean worse performance, so thanks for that! I'm looking at bus powered drives, so also monster digital's offerings, as well as Buffalo ministation SSD. This one seems to be the cheapest (also comes in 128GB for less than $300). Do you have any alternative suggestions as to how I can get the same (or better) speeds/performance from an external drive that I currently get with my internal SSD? I know an SSD RAID would cut it, but it's too rich for my blood at the moment and I need to be portable. Thanks a lot Or if I can build by own (easily!) by getting an enclosure and drive separately?
  6. Hi All, New here, so please be gentle....I'm a video editor that's in the field a lot and as things progress in my line of work, I'm dealing with larger files, multiple streams of HD footage, etc. that - up until now - I have managed to use the internal SSD of my MacBook Pro for. (Yes, I know, sharp intakes of breath abound. Small projects, fastest disk I have available, it works - I'm happy!) So I want to upgrade my external drives to use as scratch disks for my footage and still have the smooth playback I get at the moment, working with multicam sequences with 3 x 1080 video streams, so as to keep my boot SSD for OS tasks and not to wear the cells of my internal SSD. So here's my question... I ran the BlackMagic disk speed test on my MBP and get the results in the screenshot attached (+/-). Read = 447MB/s and Write = 335MB/s Looking at something like the Elgato Thunderbolt+ SSD, the benchmarks seem to be in the region of 308MB/s and 283MB/s respectively. Excuse my ignorance, but is this effectively meaning that I would get less performance from using this drive for my media scratch disk than my MBP internal SSD? Any light shed gratefully received. I don't want to shell out $500 for a drive that will slow down my workflow. Thanks in advance!