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  1. Oh how funny. All of the things EMC screeched about Pure doing they are now doing themselves! - UNSUSTAINABLE they said. Now they do it.
  2. There are a LOT of upset customers out there... The reps were basically going around saying the existing arrays are "NVMe Ready" and you'll get the upgrade later! Not true. The only thing NVMe "ready" on the //m series is the chassis.
  3. Mostly agree. It's not helpful when you're running an XtremIO campaign for a long time, and then an EMC rep comes in and tells them that VxRack is the bee's knees and that's what they should be using. But like anything in sales, you gotta coordinate and be in control.
  4. EMC has at least 9 all flash products and codebases. I'm not sure if this is good for the consumer, or a huge mess to manage.
  5. It is not uncommon for a stock to drop a little when it opens.
  6. Only 29 bucks on Amazon. That's amazing.
  7. decoy5657

    Tegile HA2300 Hybrid Array Review

    Not one mention of ZFS in the entire review!?
  8. decoy5657

    iXsystems TrueNAS Reviews?

    Tegile sounds like the perfect array for you. I (can) sell them and I like them for smaller shops like you. Well worth investigating.
  9. There is also a totally free virtual VNXe now! I really love the VNXe3200. Incredibly powerful array for the size/money, and I don't say that about a lot of EMC products!
  10. decoy5657

    EMC Unveils XtremIO 4.0

    Waiting on confirmation if the 3-to-4 software update is non-disruptive. Also, keep in mind that all of your cluster hardware must match. If you start with a 10tb brick, you can only add 10tb bricks, etc.
  11. Looks much more reasonable than the last 8TB drive we saw with a 3 IOP benchmark.
  12. decoy5657

    iXsystems TrueNAS Reviews?

    I, or anyone, can definitely get you a VNXe3200 w/ 20TB USABLE for WAY less than your budget.
  13. List prices are $124,900 for the 820, $320,000 for the 850 and $575,000 for the 860
  14. A little inside baseball here... They advertise this as a "cheaper VNXe". The base unit without all the additional software is now MORE expensive. Which is a real bummer because the VNXe3200 w/ 25 900 or 1.2TB 10k drives is a real winner and could come in WAY below 40k to the customer; and didn't need the additional software. Would you like the undercoating and extended roadside warranty with that?
  15. decoy5657

    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    THREE? I assume it's that bad only after you fill up the buffer/cache?
  16. decoy5657

    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    Wow. Random writes are crazy fast! But is this chart correct!?!?!?!
  17. How so? I'm also surprised to see Nimbus on there.
  18. Oh man... I don't like this report. Someone tell me I'm crazy. I'll be fair and not make this a team 1 vs team 2 debate. Report states "make sure you have a flash optimized platform that offers in-line compression and deduplication as well as other enterprise-class data services" EMC XtremIO did not have compression until 3.0 came out (recent). It is also missing some of the enterprise class services, like replication. Not trying to knock XtremIO here, but want to make a point that the data used for the report is based on raw TB's shipped. If you aren't dehydrating data as well as the competitors, yeah, you're gonna ship more raw TB's. If array A gets me 3:1 and array B gets me 4:1 - I need to buy a lot more disk on array A. Edited to add a thought; These are based on dollar amounts, so all that means is someone is probably more expensive than the other guy. Take it with a grain of salt. As far as hybrid flash arrays go - I'm not sure how I feel yet... a little weird probably just because no two vendors manage how their data moves between tiers the same way. VNX moves chunks of data on a schedule. Nimble does everything realtime. By how they define a hybrid array, nothing EMC ships ISN'T a hybrid array. That's good news for the consumer, it's just a data point.
  19. decoy5657

    Storage for Splunk

    Rough numbers without a lot of considerations. 35*365=12,775 GB. 12.4TB Per year. Call it 25TB after 2 years of retention. Isilon "starts to make sense" at around 45-50TB of usable capacity. Smaller than that and it's expensive for what it is. If you have other potential uses for Isilon this is a good opportunity to implement them. Ie, hadoop, other shares, etc. Do you have any requirements for your logs? Does it need to live "out of band" on it's own device? If not, do you have other storage you could add-on to for this project? I know that Splunk data compresses very well, so an array that does compression/dedupe would be interesting to you. Let me know!
  20. Sounds pricey, but I'm not sure what kind of discounting Dell can do on something like that.
  21. VNXe and "Enterprise" Don't go in the same sentence. I've never seen a large/enterprise business without linux attached to storage somewhere.
  22. Any idea what the 25k base array will contain, disk wise?
  23. +1 What Brian has said. They probably have linux servers. When they want to add/remove/resize disks on this system, or troubleshoot performance, they'll want someone versed in Linux administration.