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  1. laporta

    AT computer

    Thanks, LOST6200, I'm too used to machines with many GB of RAM.
  2. laporta

    AT computer

    You could try Linux as operating system, it bypasses the BIOS limits. I have a old Pentium133 with 64MB RAM, in which I replaced the original 1.5GB disk with a 80GB Hitachi disk Pata; Linux sees and uses the full disk capacity. But installing Linux with only 16MB of RAM could be tricky.
  3. laporta


    Dear zxcvb, I attach here a copy of DFTview, plus a copy of hidesmart, a C program for Linux written by me, which simply unhides the hidden SMART parameters of IBM/Hitachi disks. It was useful to monitor the parameter 230, the "flying head amplitude". Usually this parameter dropped days before the actual disk crash. It saved me several times. Tested for disks up to 1 TB. ibmhitachi.tar.gz
  4. laporta

    Found dead: IBM DTLA 305030

    My analyzer is at A new program which gives additional information is at
  5. laporta

    IBM refuses to take drive back