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  1. Where could I get an AMD sata controller specific for my Acer Aspire 5560 I looked on the Acer support page driver section and they didn't have one. What is a trust-able site for drivers?
  2. Hello,thank you for the replies, it is a fresh install of windows, I have 180Gb free of 238Gb and I do have a 6gb/s connector being used. I guess I'll go ahead and try both the microsoft and AMD ahci drivers then report back
  3. My 256GB CRUCIAL MX100 SSD drive benchmark tests are about half of what is advertised. http://i.imgur.com/UrYwr54.png?1 However my WEI is 7.8 for my data transfer rate. I'm running it in a Acer Aspire 5560 with windows 7 home premium 64 bit, I have a 6 Gb/s SATA connector, AMD A8 3520m cpu, 8Gb of DDR3 RAM and I have AHCI mode activated. I've followed this guide step by step applying every change http://www.thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/optimization-gui... Except for the quick shutdown, disabled recycling bin and I have windows write-cache buffer flushing still on (it showed decreased benchmark results off). That guide increased my overall score by about 10 points (not very much....). What can I do to get closer to the benchmark results reported by crucial and user benchmark results http://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Crucial-MX100-256GB/Rating... Thanks