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  1. So defragmenting is clearly not helpful and makes things worse. But what about technologies like the defragmentation companies sell for SSDs, as TRIM management and fragmentation prevention (Diskeeper) that a all hype with no real world merit?
  2. Hi guys, We've been taught that defragmenting SSDs is bad cause: 1. It speeds are the drive wear 2. It doesn't help performance, as SSDs don't really mind the fragmentation (???) But is point #2 really true? I've seen benchmarks where the sequential and random read performance doesn't differ much, and other benchmarks where it does. I've also seen Condusiv pushing its Diskeeper HyperFast technology as a mean to enhance (retain) high read speeds on your SSD drive, by means of sending more frequent TRIM commands to the drive (than the OS does), and meddling with the write process in order to keep the written file less fragmented. Though this sounds like it has the potential to add latency to the write process by itself. What do you think about this guys? Looking for hard scientific data. Thanks, Tom
  3. That's an interesting option. What are the disadvantages of unRAID? Can the configuration be saved and restored to a new server/unRAID installation?
  4. I prefer HW and discrete RAID. I'm trying to find a reliable solution for around $200. I already have the computer, so only need a controller and drives.
  5. No, I'm aiming for HW RAID. These cards retail at around $600. I'm sure that they are excellent controllers, but this is beyond my budget. Please take into account that for a single streaming HD movies I really don't need a lot of read performance. I don't need a lot of write performance either for the ocasional copy of a new movie to the storage. I'm using RAID mainly for having storage redundency and reliability. You can consider the required performance level to be that of a long term archiving/history storage. I was considering the HighPoint RocketRaid 2720SGL to be more of the price point I'm willing to spend, but I'm worried about its reliability. Maybe it's good (reliable) enough? Or maybe there are better cards at this price level?
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade my current Intel chipset based raid (4 x 1.5TB in raid 5). My current motherboard is limited to 2TB HDDs, so an inline upgrade is out of the question as I want to replace my current drives with 4TB ones. A discrete raid controller card would enable me to move my storage from one computer to another when upgrading the host PC (which is a crucial, as this array is too large to be backed up to another medium). Requirements for the controller: Support for 3TB+ drives (above 2TB) PCI-E (2.0+) Preferably 8 internal ports SATA 6G Budget Reliable and good management Thanks in advance!!! Tom