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  1. i hadn't seen your reply yet MrS when i made my purchase but i ended up buying 2x 480Gb Crucial M500's, (1)because they were cheaper than a single 960GB unit and (2) it will give me the option to either (a)do a striped raid (and still partition?) or ( b ) not raid and not have to partition. But i guess i could do it the way you suggested, Raid 1/0 combo, though not sure if i'm willing to sacrifice the space since i only have 960 to begin with, and not a full 1TB. Though like i said i'd have to do some research on all of this because i've never owned ssd's before. I've read about striping and mirroring a long time ago but have no experience with actually doing it. If i do raid 0 the whole thing i would definitely need to back up my work more often just in case. The c drive on my old pc is about 465GB and it's @265GB used. It's actually the slowest/oldest hdd in the system because i didn't bother to migrate my stuff to the newest hdd's. Got a 2TB WD Black that's partitioned into a (M) Media Drive and a (D)Documents Drive and they're pretty much full, and so is my other 1TB WD Black ®Archives drive, the first 32GB of which is used as a (F)PageFile/Scratch drive. Those i'll just keep in the old system, except maybe copy my documents and my working files I could probably live with a C that's only 300-350GB because right now my old C is sitting on 184GB of free space (maybe even less... will have to look into how much used space is actually just garbage files or programs that i don't use anymore). As suggested, will definitely look into which 120GB ssd was pre-installed in the new system, to compare performace and stuff. I could use it for documents, but seems like a waste to use an ssd for that.
  2. Yeah I guess you're right, experimenting it is. So the partitioning is not a big deal then.. I assume because one part of the ssd is generally just as fast as any other part, unlike an hdd Would love a dual quad core for rendering though I'm not entirely sure zbrush does rendering the traditional way, and I think marmoset does rendering using the graphics card primarily. Evga sr board?
  3. Already running with 16gb.. Upgrade to 32gb down the line is probably the next thing after the ssd upgrade So no objections to partitioning the 1TB?
  4. hi. I just now googled "SSD forum" and this was the top search result. Don't know much about SSDs, and have never owned one before. I'm about to get a computer (not quite in my hands yet) that has 120GB SSD as the Windows drive. I'm planning to get a 1TB SSD as well. I work with ZBrush and end up with about as much as 1.5GB save files, and some of my photoshop files can get big as well if the rez is big enough. I plan to take my 1TB drive divide it into two 500GB partitions, one as the Windows Drive, and one as the working drive for my Files. I plan to take the old 120GB SSD and turn it into the Swap File as well as perhaps the scratch disk for photoshop/zbrush/whatever graphics program. Is a setup like this not optimal or not recommended? Thanks. P.S. There's an existing 2TB HDD drive that i will just turn into an archive/data drive for documents, downloads, music, movies etc.