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    Full Fabric configuration

    Thank you very very much !!
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    Full Fabric configuration

    Hello, everybody! I'm starting with storage, so please, I hope you have patience with me (and with my terrible english). I have a storage server using a HBA Emulex LPE11000 and one switch QLogic operating in full fabric mode. I have another server using a same HBA model, both connected to QLogic switch. My switch, HBAs and g-bic are 4Gb. Everything is connected and I can see both HBAs using OneClickManager app. From my switch, I has created a zoneSet and Zone and I can see this one with 'zone list' command: ZoneSet Zone ZoneMember ------- ---- ---------- ibpzoneset ibp 20:00:00:c0:dd:0d:6c:8c 20:00:00:00:c9:5f:29:0e 010000 010400 I has added my HBAs as members using the NIC and I has added this number above (I 'm not sure about, but could be a ID?) Then, I stopped here, because I have no idea what I need to do to connect from my server to storage server. How to map my storage in my server? Does someone knows what I need to do for now? Tks a lot.