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    Synology DS414 vs DS414j

    @Valleyforge, that's really helpful! I'm in a similar situation to you... want to store data, photos, music & video rips, stream audio to Sonos and play 1080p videos via XBMC. I like the idea of auto downloads as well, but have nfi how to. Will figure it out I guess! I'm looking at several models and my thoughts are below: * DS414j (£267) - 500mb RAM, slowest but quietest, no transcoding * DS414 (£365) - 1gb RAM, faster than 415 but no transcoding * DS415 (£393) - 1gb RAM, no HDMI out, has transcoding. RAM could struggle with 1080p transcoding? * QNAP TS451 (£399) - 1gb RAM, double the speed of the 415play. Software doesn't seem as good? Has transcoding and HDMI out * QNAP TS451 (£464) - 4fb RAM so will never have RAM issues... As I have an old box running XBMC, I don't think I even need transcoding... although it would be nice to get rid of it! Thus was thinking either the DS414j or the QNAP... provided the software solutions are okay compared to Synology? Any thoughts for a 'noob'? Thanks! Warren FYI, prices are from amazon.co.uk. A great reference site I've found is http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/nas/nas-features/32517-deciding-between-synology-a-qnap-take-2
  2. Thanks for the advice... I don't have a cupboard but might have to invest in one! Problem is I have cable, so naturally the router is next to the TV. I might try and find a shop in London that has one operating so I can check out how noisy it is. Is the main noise from the NAS or the HDDs in the NAS? I was thinking of 4x WD Reds... will have to also look into how noisy they are. Cheers.
  3. Hey guys! I've tried to read as many of the other posts here and figure out the answer myself, but I'm a little lost unfortunately. I would like to buy a 4 bay NAS and 4 x WD red 4tb drives, configured in raid 5, to store photos, videos and music. I have a plasma tv with hdmi in (but does not do DLNA), a desktop computer, an old media centre PC running XBMC (with a small SSD drive), an xbox360 gathering dust, a Sonos bridge & speakers, an ipad and an iphone. I travel for work and occasionally get to stay in hotels with decent internet connectivity I invariably have a mix of files including flac, mkv, etc. The NAS would sit next to the TV and I'd like to have it on 24x7, so I'd prefer something quiet. I primarily want to use it as storage which I'd access from my PC, my Sonos system and to serve 1080p videos to the TV... and it's the later piece I'm not sure about. I think I've three options (please correct me if I'm wrong) 1) purchase a NAS and play videos through XBMC on my media PC. Examples would be Synology DS414, or something a little slower but quieter would be the DS414j (is it fast enough?) 2) purchase a NAS with an HDMI out e.g. 4gb QNAP TS-451 (which is more expensive, seems to have less apps than a Synology model but is significantly faster). This would mean I could retire my media PC 3) purchase a NAS and somehow use the xbox360? (I've heard transcoding is not ideal and the xbox360 can only handle 480p? so was discounting this option) I also will explore other uses once I get the NAS e.g. downloading TV shows, etc. (I've heard mention of Transmission and nzbdrone but not sure of what they are yet). What are your thoughts and thanks in advance for the advice! Cheers, Warren