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    2 Raid Volume

    Hi everyone, Im planning to migrate our storage data on a new server with RAID-5 with 6 HDD's. Its all for storage nothing else just copying, viewing, transferring files, editing. My question is setting up the first 3 drives as my first volume raid 5 and the rest of the drives as another volume to backup the first RAID-5. Its like Mirror my VOLUME 1 to VOLUME 2. Is that possible? Im really uneasy about the lost of data. Please advice. Thank you everyone! -dan
  2. _ddc

    2 Raid Volume

    im really sorry. What is the 3-2-1 policy? wow this is handlfull as well! thank you guys! I think i made a good choice by buying a NAS for this same problem! you nailed it man! but im still waiting for brian's 3-2-1 policy i would love to get as much info as possible to study it and learn from you guys! im really thankful! i will take raid 6 into consideration.. I dont really mind performance just wanted to be sure to make restoration and backup going up to 90% - 100%. I already bough seagate NAS 4 bay! waiting for it to arrive!
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    2 Raid Volume

    Hi Brian, Sorry for the less info im trying to relay here. Im still new on the raid technology! Actually that is my only option. Like i said im new to raid. Can you give me sir an idea if my top priority is the loss of data like backup, faulty drive on raid of course i want a good performance on HOT data's id rather go for the safety of the data. What raid do i need to use? If the budget and equipment im still on a plan for approval depending the best possible i can get with raid. Its more like my system will be depending on what raid i will be using! Since my boss dont care about costly server as long as it serve the time and worth of the appliance. Its more like redundancy over performance! Hope you could give me the extra hand brian thanks.
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    Comparison Seagate HDD's

    yeah i did some depth reading on their site. at first maybe i was overwhelmed by tons of informations but read it product by product and i got to itt. thank you sir!
  5. Hi everyone, Im new here and was looking some info inside the forums and end up doing this post! I would like to have a hand over some few things and makes me confuse. "Its comparison over Seagate HDD's" There were tons of hard drives and I happen want to know each of the drives. Downloaded all the tech specs, read articles but still i cant seem to get why you have that drive for example: Seagate Video 3.5 and Surveillance though they can be use for Surveillance and difference is number of cams. A very little difference to have a new drive. Really confuse. Could you point me out or clarify me with those kinds. Im not really expert with tech in terms of HDD bit confuse on most of them! Seagate Video 3.5", 2.5" and Surveillance ( difference, buillt for, Key features, etc) Enterprise Capacity 3.5", 2.5", Terrascale, Constellation CS, ES Perf 10k, 15k, Savvio 10.6k Links and a more simplier explanation will really help me. Thanks. Note: ** not necessarily answer everything. Guys can point me out on links. Really appreciate it.**
  6. Have you triend a different drive that does not belong or installed on your previous MOBO? Have you tried Installing 1 HDD Only? Or try DVDROM on SATA ports. try assessing the SATA ports first then replace SATA CABLES. Try using diff hard drive. If i were to troubleshoot il try 1 known good HDD to try the SATA Ports. ( these samples were give from the link you posted)