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  1. There is a setting for physical write cache (enabled) and cache ratio, a maximum drive request queue depth (set at automatic), and cache ratio (90% write / 10% read). Total cache size is 1GB. I thought about a second controller like the video, as well...though for sequential writing I'm not sure how much difference it would make.
  2. We are trying to build a very fast system for capturing network packets to disk. We have a new server with two 10Gbps network cards, and an HP420i (integrated, I think) disk controller with 25 1.2TB hard drives. I'm currently running Ubuntu. With our current configuration, I can get over 8Gbps of network packet data to a RAM disk, and about 4Gbps to a RAID0 array with 15k hard drives. Using fio I can get a consistent 471058KB/s, so it looks like I'm maxing out the current disk configuration. Is there anything else we can do to bump up the disk write speeds? Would SSDs help? I'm a network guy so I'm not terribly versed on disk & RAID and could sure use some help! Thanks!