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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking to connect 15k rpm SCSI (SAS) drives to my laptop so I can read the data off them (these are not raided or anything - just a disk with data on it). I have found loads of SATA to USB adapters but haven't been able to find anything where I could possibly connect a SAS drive to my laptop. I'm not looking for a permanent solution, just need to read data off the disks and must be via a laptop as i'm out in the field but do have access to power if the external unit requires a separate power source. I thought, perhaps something like this: ...however the above would be just a point to point but I think I need an actual host adapter? From my research so far, I think I need a controller of some sort on the actual external unit itself to allow the SATA and/or USB protocol to talk to the enterprise level SAS protocol. I already have a SATA to USB adapter so if I can find a SAS to USB or SAS to SATA that would be ideal. Or I need to be looking at an expressCard or the older CardBus or PCMCIA that will allow my laptop to talk to the SAS drives? Has anyone done anything like this? Can any suggested a workflow and ideally some hardware links that would get this working? Thanks very much. Nathan.