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    Hdd for video editing / storage

    this will be the primary, i have no money for a secondary at the moment, i do have an external 1tb where i will save the most important and that could be considered my secondary backup. i could buy in the future another wd green for raid1.
  2. Hi i recently started a post production company and both speed ans storage capacity are very important. i am using OSX my current config: ssd samsung evo pro 128 (for SO and softw) raid0 2* wd red 1tb red nas (for editing/rendering/speed) i am currently looking for something for storage, speed would be nice but i aim more for stability and capacity , i was thinking in WD green 3tb but i am open for suggestions, max bugget :110eur. i live in argentina, but a friend of mine is at france and can bring me anything from amazon france (much more cheaper than argentina). thanks in advance just in case mi rig is: i7 3770k 16gb ram gtx 770 ga z77x ud3h xfx 600w pro core