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    8 SSD Raid 0 with 12Gb/s Adaptec 8805

    Yes, I've tried all the strip configurations that are availiable. It changes the speeds slightly but not much. I feel like there is a bottleneck somethere but I can't seem to figure out where that would be.
  2. kmuchmor

    8 SSD Raid 0 with 12Gb/s Adaptec 8805

    I have been using CrystalDiskMark. My Raid settings are: Array Type: Raid 0 Strip Size: 256 Read Caching: Disabled Write Caching: Disabled Controller Mode: Exposed Raw mode
  3. We're setting up a system that needs to be capable of writing 2GB/s to disk. We have 9 SSD's, one with the OS and programs installed, and then an 8 Samsung 840 Pro SSD Raid 0 Array. The raid is hooked up the an Adaptec 8805 raid controller that is supposed to be capable of 12Gb/s per port. I've been struggling to get this system to have write speeds better than about 1850MB/s which is shy of the desired 2GB/s. Is there any ideas on what I could try to optimize my write speeds Thanks