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  1. RAID 10 was suggested as "the best" for performance *and* redundancy. 6 seems fine, and honestly, my 5 is probably fine for my stuff anyway. as for the free drives, what does "free" mean? it shows up as "unconfigured" and not a part of anything. in that state, i can't expand my existing array (though i do have the option to "expand"). i'll play with it some more tonight and post any new findings.
  2. mainly capacity. raw photo storage. I have an Intel controller with a RAID 5 on it now (the RT3WB080) but i can't seem to be able to add a drive to the existing array. a buddy just swung by and suggested i turn my new drive into a second virtual drive and THEN try the expand option on the original array. i had done both, but not one after the other. so that might be what i was missing. worst case, i figure i'll just build a new RAID 10 and copy the data.
  3. If i wanted an array that i could simply add disks to later on, what would that configuration be? i'm used to RAID 5 at work, and we can add drives dynamically, but that might be a hardware thing that i don't know about. a buddy mentioned RAID 10 is the best, so i was thinking of checking that out. any thoughts?
  4. oweniverson

    Can't add a drive to RAID 5?

    I've got an Intel RT3WB080 with a RAID 5 virtual drive that i was trying to expand to include another disk (for a total of four 1TB drives). I seem to only be able to set the new drive as either a dedicated or global Hot Spare. Does anyone know if it's even possible to dynamically add drives to an existing array on this controller? or do i have to build a whole new array from scratch? What would happen if i had a drive fail? i figured it would be fairly straight forward to pull the old drive and swap in a new one. Am i completely off base?
  5. oweniverson

    Can't access RAID BIOS (Windows boots instead)

    i figured out how to get in - i had to disconnect all other drives so there was no other option but to go to the array. now, after playing around in the Intel RAID Console, i'm thinking that i can't add a new drive to the existing virtual disk. any thoughts on that?? it seems like the best i can do is to make the new drive a global or dedicated hotswap drive. :/
  6. i've got an Intel RT3WB080 on an Asus Sabretooth 79 mobo, and to access the config utility, you hit CTRL + G. When i do that, it says "Entering RAID BIOS after POST" but then proceeds to the Windows logo and login screen (Win 8.1). any thoughts?