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  1. Interesting suggestions.... So how are the HGST drives in terms of reliability? I've only really ever used WD drives and I've heard Seagate has or at least used to have issues with reliability... Additionally I'll look into the Asustor I hadn't really considered them. I went with Synology's because the configuration interface is pretty much top notch and pretty feature rich as well as the app store selection was good. Also I wanted to use the Sinology RAID instead of RAID 5 because it allows me to mix N' match drive sizes. Does Asustor offer comparable features?
  2. Ok I'm replacing my current NAS with the Synology 412+ and I'm looking for which 4TB drives to get for it. I'll be using it for streaming 1080P content (Plex) to multiple clients simultaneously both local and remote. I'm also going to use it for music streaming and Time Machine backups. Transfer speed is very important to me. At times I'm transferring 32GB+ of movies at a time to it and I don't want it take forever all the while I'm actively streaming content etc... people suggest Red drives but I'm just not convinced they will give good performance. I'm thinking of either going Seagate Nas, Red, Red Pro, or RE 4 drives... not sure what to pick. Any thoughts?