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  1. Hi Guys, First post here, and I"ll just get to the point. Received my Samsung Spinpoint M8 1TB 5400Rpm today from Newegg. I am using this as a secondary data drive to compliment my primary drive, a Samsung Evo Pro 128. I have an Asus G73 Gh-a1. I installed the drive into the additional port and booted up. I went straight to disk management to partition and name the drive. After about 15 seconds the window was not responding. I then did a force stop and went to restart the process, however the drive was not detected. Now, it is not detected in disk management or bios. I also tried using a Thermaltake USB hard drive dock that I have and it still doesn't detect. When I power on the dock with the drive plugged in it makes a strange repeating sound for about 4 seconds and then stops. What happened? Haven't reset cmos or loaded optimal settings in bios. I've already initiated a RMA with Newegg, hoping I can find a solution here and cancel that. Thank for the input in advance.