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  1. You need a controller that can do a RAID in hardware or performance will lag. SO you will need to get the best support info on what the controller can do and how fast. Your hardware may be doing all the striping and ECC in software resulting in poor write speeds. Off hand I would look at an LSI card for a RAID 5 set up in hardware.
  2. unhappy

    Need two port SATA RAID controller

    there is a host of SATA cards on ebay for about 11$ on up Just have to look arround to find your flaver
  3. O have an OCZ Revo X2 PCIe x4 drive and one of the two SATA controllers does not show up and now the card is not seen by Windows. So OCZ has no warranty on there products is there anyone that can fix this. its a 110 GB card and I would also love to add flash to this is possible. Meh
  4. Google is your friend http://www.quarch.com/ http://www.agilent.com/about/newsroom/presrel/2009/08jun-em09100.html http://www.jdsu.com/en-us/Test-and-Measurement/Products/lab-and-manufacturing-test/storage-network-test/sas-sata/Pages/default.aspx#.U_0lUs7nYz4 and keep looking Hope this helps