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  1. Hello, Something here is driving me nuts. I have been looking at the WD4001FYYG 4TB SAS. The drive only has 32MB of Cache, when comparing to the Seagate 4TB ES3 ST4000NM0023, the later has 128 MB of cache. Will this make a noticable difference if the main storage items are VM's and Large RAW photos? Thanks!
  2. Hey Everybody, So I'm working on first build for a NAS/SAN and I'm in the final stages. Been doing a lot of reading on NL-SAS and brands of hd's, but it seems that HGST is coming out on top for reliability? Western Digital owns Hitachi (HGST) but I'm kind of torn now that I know that, hopefully they have not changed processes. There was a report that came out related to the drive reliability, https://www.backblaze.com/blog/what-hard-drive-should-i-buy/ that also made me question going with Seagate and WD. MTBF on the HGST are higher then all at 2,000,000 versus 1,200,000. Primary use of the system will be: Backups Photo Storage Media Storage VmWare Datastores via HBA I'm running HBA's between ESX and storage and HBA internally. Also, network is going to be 10 GB. So my question is would you go with WD SE/RE, HGST (7K4000), or Seagate (ES3) and would you bother with NL-SAS when hooking up to a backplane on a supermicro chassis Also, does cache being 32MB on WD RE drive make much of difference when compared to the Seagate ES3 drives with 128MB of cache? Thanks!
  3. Just curious, what do you prefer for a "baked" NAS solutions. Anything out there other then FreeNAS that yu would perfer? I do have a light budget but I'm also looking for something that is going to work. I do like to tinker, but I need some reliablity of course. I'm also comparing in another thread these drives at this point. WD4001FYYG ST4000NM0023 Regards.
  4. This is going to be a enterprise lab Vmware datastore setup and business storage. Going to be doing different pools, one fore the datastore, and the other for the business data storeage. The NAS is going to either be FreeNAS or Ubuntu running ZFS (Local Site Storage) and UFS (VmWare datastores) partitions. I have a couple of Cisco UCS Servers connections to the Storage System via HBA's. Local systems will access via 1 Gb and 10 Gb. This is the Build CSE-826BE26-R1K28LPB Supermicro X9DRH-ITF (10 Gb onboard) LSI SAS 9207-8i HBA 64 GB RAM E5-2643 v2 6 x 4 TB (RAID 10) Business Data 4 x 4TB (RAID 10) VM data Stores HBA Qlogic or Emulex Intel Quad Card USB for Boot