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    Migrating 2HDD to 1SSD

    Thank you for your suggestion. I thought about doing that, reinstalling Windows, but how would I do clone my programs? Or would I have to reinstall those as well?
  2. Can someone please help me with my issue. I am trying to migrate over 2 HDD to this new 1 TB Samsung EVO 840 SSD. The thing is programs and stuff are on 1 HDD and Windows 7 OS is on another HDD. How can I put them together on one SSD? My computer is currently setup like so- (C: ) - 1 TB HDD where programs are installed (D: ) - BluRay drive (E: ) - 2TB HDD for files (F: ) - 100GB HDD where Win 7 is installed / system (G: ) - 1TB HDD for files I would like to migrate my C: and F: drives into the one 1 TB SSD I bought. When using the migration software, I was only able to figure out how to migrate my C drive and not F as well. Can someone help me figure out how two migrate 2 HDD into 1 SSD? Ex: (C: ) - 1 TB SSD Win7 and programs (D: ) - BluRay drive (E: ) - 2TB HDD for files (F: ) - 100GB HDD for files (G: ) - 1TB HDD for files (H: ) - 1TB HDD for files email: godfathe12@yahoo.com