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  1. I removed the 2TB and 500GB drives, leaving six 1TB drives, now configured as RAID 50. Eventually I will add two more 1TB drives for the short term, longer term will be to replace these with 2TB or 3TB drives once the whole "online" capacity expansion thing gets clearer.
  2. Well, bummer ... the rebuild finished, but it's still showing a 465GB parity size, when it should be 1TB. Unless anyone has any better suggestions, I guess I'll have to backup my data again and drop and recreate the VHD again.
  3. Well, a little googling and I found a short blurb in a .pdf for MSM, and buried down towards the bottom was an interesting tidbit, where it mentioned being able to mark a disk first as "offline" and then as "missing". After doing that, the drive began rebuilding. We'll see where it stands in the next 5 hours, when it completes.
  4. Well, I noticed another oddity that I *should* have considered ... that the 500GB drive I added is cutting my capacity in half. So, if I remove it, will the controller be smart enough to rebuild the array safely without losing my data? I would rather limit my 2TB drive to 1TB and gain another 3TB back from the remaining 1TB drives at this point. It was my understanding, after talking to the LSI salespeople (I should have known better), that the controller would be smart enough to be able to fully utilize all drives, and that drives could be removed or added to adjust capacity without endangering the data. So, am I going to have to move all my data off, and rebuild it again, without the 500GB drive, or is there some trick I missed? I should add that I'm used to the QNAP NAS raid units, which are pretty easy to expand, and I was expecting similar functionality. Perhaps I don't have the right software installed, or rather, am MISSING some software I need that adds this capability? Thanks again ... Bjorn
  5. Well, I don't know how it happened, but I was able to resolve it by going into the Windows Storage Manager, clicking on the short-allocated partition, right-clicking and selecting "Extend Volume ...", and going through the wizard. When I get a chance, I need to go back into the MSM and review the config and remove any SSD caching options to be on the safe side. i'll turn it back on later when we have another separate SSD we can add to the mix, to ensure it does not impact the boot disk. I'll post an update if folks would like, with the option, where it was found in MSM, etc. Thanks again for looking, Bjorn
  6. Originally I had attached it to the Megaraid, hoping to use it as a boot drive, until it became obvious that it would have to become part of a raid volume, and that was not going to work for our situation, so I moved it back to the MB. However, I was careful not to allow any changes to the SSD while it was connected. So, I am scratching my head now, trying to figure out what I did to cause it. Unfortunately, the card comes with VERY little documentation explaining the bios settings, and the built-in help doesn't offer anything more than high level descriptions. I am tempted to convert the disk to "dynamic" and see if it lets me adjust the partition then, but it popped with a alert saying that the disk would become unbootable after the change, and that scared me. Perhaps after I have a good full backup in place again but for the time being, I don't want to put anything at risk. I appreciate the help.
  7. Hmm ... the SSD is not attached to the Megaraid, but to the motherboard. I don't have a "before" image, but I have attached the "after" image from Windows 7 storage manager, showing the partition allocations. Before the install, the SSD had over 900GB of storage (Samsung 840 1TB) and now it has about 465GB available. Is there a way to get that allocation back the way it was? Thanks for the quick response!
  8. Hi, I just installed a Megaraid 9361-8i, and configured it for 8 drives - 6x1TB + 1x2TB + 1x500GB (I had it laying around). I also have connected to my computer a Samsung SSD, connected to port 0 on my MB, separate from the new controller. Before installing, my SSD had most of the space allocated to the drive, but after installing and configuring the new controller, I find my SSD now has HALF of the space DE-ALLOCATED? Is this because of a setting I chose during configuration of the Megaraid? I remember seeing something about SSD caching IIRC, but didn't expect to lose 1/2 my SSD for that. So, my question is, how do I get that allocation back? Windows 7 Pro is not letting me expand the SSD volume back to its original size, so I'm a little frustrated. Any suggestions on how to get that space back? Thanks in advance, Bjorn
  9. Regarding the question about "SGL", I'm pretty sure it refers to a "non-kitted" product, meaning it does not come with cables. I just purchased one along with cables and yep ... it did not come with cables as I suspected. Glad I purchased my cables at the same time (saved a few bucks).