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    Generic L300 Drive?

    Well, they are pretty well known here where I live. Did run a smart report but doesn't find any troubling issue, the drive is healthy as well and test using HDSentinel found no problem either. Power on time is at perfect zero when I first bought it. I'm baffled currently. I'll take your suggestion to call Toshiba support.
  2. I just bought a Toshiba 3TB hard drive that have DT01ABA series printed on the label with August 2012 as its batch production date. But when I connect it to my PC, the firmware's Model ID is listed as Generic L300 Hard Drive instead of the Model ID printed on the label. Worrying that I might get a refurbished drive with fake label slapped on it, I decided to check its specification using various software and it is indeed the same specification as with what Toshiba listed on their homepage, for an example: the odd 5940 RPM rate. So can anyone shed some light to me as to what drive do I just get? I kinda worried that it might be a refurbished hard drive taken from a broken Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop while I'm expecting to get a brand new bare hard drive from the store I bought it from. They list it as a new bare drive with 7200 RPM, that alone and the fact that I'm getting a 5940 RPM drive instead is shoddy. EDIT: Oh and hello everybody! I'm new here