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  1. Hello All, Kindly help me with this disaster. Im afraid of performing any actions fearing I will lose my data on my array. i have 8 x 2TB WD Green HDDs in RAID 6 on an Areca ARC-1230 Controller over one volume of 12TB using Windows 7. I had a malfunction with my raid and it was rebuilding normally taking about 4 weeks time... it reached about %90 of almost being complete when it just froze. I had to restart my server and when i did i got the following screen "The above volume is not in normal state. Enter Setup menu to check. No BIOS disk found.. RAID Controller BIOS not installed. Some volume(s)/RAID controllers failed." So i entered setup only to find that one of my hdds had failed. so i created a hotspare and when i entered the raid set information it stated that my raid state was rebuilding. when i entered into the volume set information, it stated that my volume state: failed. and in the event log, it showed that RaidSet was being Rebuilt. What shall i do ? shall i just wait for the raidset to build ? how long will that take ? Is my data lost ?? Please please advise me on what to do as I have some very valuable data of more than 15 years on that array. Thank you very much in advance. Zaid