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  1. Ok, if someone is interested, I eventually bought the external hard drive Seagate Backup Plus Slim STDR2000200. I dismantled it pretty easily, and it contained the Samsung Spinpoint M9T. It's very fast, it works very well and it hasn't any power saving annoying feature.
  2. Well, the point is that some hard disks, like the Toshiba I still have and the Western Digital I got rid of, become idle after a short time and take several seconds to wake up.
  3. Hi, by "power saving" I mean the hard disk simply turns off to save power: it becomes idle and it takes several seconds to wake up. I'm not talking about an operating system feature, but a feature built in in the hard disk.
  4. Hi to all! I need two 2.5'' 2 TB hard disks, one internal and one external for backup. I'm considering to buy two external hard drives and take apart one and extract the hard disk, since usually external hard drives are less expensive. However, I considered these ones: as internal as external (I suspect that this one actually contains the former) and this one: as external, which should contain the Samsung Spinpoint M9T, which is a standard 9.5 mm hard disk. The two externals have more or less the same price, and I'm not really concerned about the fact that the Toshiba internal is 12.5 mm. What I'd like to know is if one or all of those hard drives have the power saving feature. I have this one: which is almost perfect, being the case of aluminium and not plastic, and doesn't have power saving, and it's a pity there's not one with the size of 2 TB and this one: with plastic case, which enters sleep mode after a few minutes, and it takes several seconds to wake up, which is quite annoying. Once, I had a Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD7500BPVT, which entered sleep mode after only a few seconds and it was really a pain in the ..., so I got rid of it and decided not to buy Western Digital anymore (not to say they're usually the most expensive) Anybody who has one of the hard drives I linked can tell me if they have power saving feature? I'd also like to know if this feature depends on the box or is just implemented in the hard disk. Thanks in advance!