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  1. @ Hi , I have around 2 TB as of now , which I think will be grown to 10 TB in next 5 years. I am just thinking How people store and safe their home made media files as obviously that would be easily more that 2TB which is in my case. Secondly, In case I have to build a NAS , I would not like to spend more that 250 $ on that. Kind Regards, Hi Anywhere, Can you send me your hardware config and how have you setup it along with cost involved. In case it suits me I will also setup the same way.
  2. Hello , As we all have large home media files and family data of years however , how are we keeping them safe so that we do not lost them. As per my understanding the requirement is to have a backup solution which is easy and fast to access when required and also the data should not be lost when the hardware is crashed. I do not want to use Online Cloud Solutions due to below reasons - 1. I do not want to pay any online service for size of data ( which will keep on increasing with the time) 2. Access to cloud is dependent on good internet bandwidth , which is still a challenge in my country. 3. Moreover , i do not want to move from one cloud vendor to another in future say 5-10 years ahead. I have gone through various forums and was not able to find the correct answer. Do remember its a home solution therefore, it should not also in expensive. Kind Regards, JR