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  1. Will you get one of the 24 ports in for testing? That plus 24 SSDs would make for a great low cost all-flash array while being able to maximise the capacity by using all 24 slots available on standard 2U server.
  2. What I meant was having the write go to a raided set of SSDs and the reads coming from a raid 0 or PCI Flash card so you tune the performance/capacity/lifetime of your SSDs. I really love this hybrid config and think it could be very powerful just looking for more info on how well the cache can work. Is there a manual online that you know of? Think this round of server refreshes currently goes to Dell over HP
  3. Nice review. This seems like a really great upgrade. Do you know if it is possible to separate the read/write cache to separate locations? Also does the UI try and enforce raid on the read cache because in SanDisks documentation they say it isn't necessary. Shame they didn't give you more SSDs so we could see how it really performs!
  4. Just looking at this review and the IOPS figures for RAID 10 seem low for writes. Going through the maths the IOPS figures should be 8 drive RAID 10 means that the writes should be akin to 4x single drive performance which should give 280,000 IOPS but the reported figure is 97,391. Any idea as to why it is a lot lower than it should be theoretically for RAID10? It's not like it has parity to calculate so I don't see why it suffers such a large performance hit from this RAID level.