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  1. Hey I have a an HP DL380 G7 server with a HP smart array P410i raid card. I have attached a single 2tb SATA samsung hard drive and created a raid 0 array with the single drive. I have ran some disk benchmarks on this drives and i Get 130MBps read and only 10MBps write speeds. What could be the problem? If i take the same drive and put it inside a regular desktop i get much 100MBps write speeds. Why cant i get the same speed from the raid controller?
  2. Hey, I have some old HP DL380 G5 and G6 servers, and wanted to know if 3tb or higher hard drives would be supported on these servers. I dont want to use them in a Raid array but just as single hard drives. So is there a way with maybe with Firmware or some other way that i can make it work. Thanks for the help.
  3. Can these drives be safely used in a Raid 0 configuration? or are the WD RED PRO's better for a Raid 0 configuration
  4. ycp

    Slow Speeds in LSI 9200-8e

    Well, i dont have a fanout cable but i will get and try it out and then post the results.
  5. ycp

    Slow Speeds in LSI 9200-8e

    I got much better speed from these same hard drives when they are in my pc attached directly to the motherboard using sata cables, so what makes them much slower when they are in the JBOD chassis?
  6. Hey Guys, I just bought a new Supermicro 847E16-R1K28LPB chassis. I Installed 2 WD Red 3tb Drives in the chassis. I am using the drives in JBOD mode, no raid. I did a disk benchmark on 1 drive and i am getting 140MBps speeds. But when i am transferring some video files from my pc the the 1 drive in the chassis i am only getting around 70Mbps speeds. The benchmark speeds are way higher than what i am getting Practically. I tried some different file types and tried reading data back also, but no luck on the speed. I am using a LSI 9200-8e SAS HBA in my pc which is connected to this chassis. My PC is windows 7 64bit and the drive is formatted in NTFS. I have updated all the drivers for the SAS card. The bios and firmware are both updated for the lsi card, its in IT mode. The chassis is brand new and doesnt seem to have a problem. I think there is a setting i am missing for the HBA card. I think i am missing something, is there a setting in windows that i need to change? If someone has any ideas please help.
  7. Hey, I want to build a 24bay storage server. I was looking at either supermicro or chenbro chassis. Which chassis' are better?