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  1. RT @PGATOUR: .@RickieFowler shoots 67 and the round of the day! Co-leader at #TheMasters

  2. RT @phillygodfather: 50 Muslim countries in the world and @CNN calls it "Muslim ban" @CNN has become FAKE NEWS. When has 14% of anything be…

  3. RT @RandyRRQuaid: The Fake News “shithole” panel.

  4. RT @RealJamesWoods: Trump calls shitholes “shitholes” liberals lose their minds, stock market rockets up 200 points. #LifeIsGood

  5. RT @SarahSpain:

  6. RT @ScottAdamsSays: How many teachers would volunteer to carry a gun at work, after training, for an extra $10K per year? Cheaper than addi…

  7. RT @TheFakeESPN: Pretty Much

  8. RT @TorstenSjoberg: Just your average day in Australia where you have to save your dog from a kangaroo by punching it, this is #DingoTwitte…

  9. RT @TrooperBenKHP: Remember as days get colder, animals are attracted to the warmth of cars so check wheel arches or other hiding places.…

  10. RT @ValaAfshar: A priceless reaction of baby girl, clearly seeing her parents with her new glasses

  11. RT @YahooSports: "King, meet the Process"

  12. RT @YahooSports: #2016Faves RT @YahooSports: Marshawn Lynch’s narration of the Iguana Escape video (via thecoachtaylor/Reddit). https://t.c…

  13. RT @YahooSports: Four years ago today, we saw the greatest ending to a college football game. Do you remember where you were when Chris Dav…

  14. RT @YahooSports: When defense is optional ...

  15. RT @YouHadOneJ0B: Doesn't that make it more realistic?

  16. RT @billsfeedr: ESPN - James Walker: Bills put on 'embarrassing' display #billsmafia #bills

  17. Standard - need flex- Steve Johnson - Jason Witten - Devonta Freeman - Ameer Abdullah #AskFFL