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  1. RT @YahooSports: Four years ago today, we saw the greatest ending to a college football game. Do you remember where you were when Chris Dav…

  2. RT @ClayTravis: As NFL ratings decline, CBS, ESPN, Fox, & NBC are on track to lose up to $500 million this year airing NFL games: https://t…

  3. @RealSkipBayless Snooze fest .... both teams are extremely boring ... mediocre at best .. Go Bills!

  4. RT @DavidHaleESPN: Dabo Swinney went into Syracuse's locker room after the game to congratulate their players. "That's a class act," said Z…

  5. @Bourdain Stop .. just stop.

  6. @MLBNetwork Absolute BS .. it’s 2017, cable is dead, NFL is easily accessible for cord cutters and yet I can’t watc…

  7. RT @HBODocs: Thanks for following along. #SpielbergDoc premieres Saturday, October 7 on @HBO.

  8. RT @IrishTea1: NFL sat silent while players assaulted girlfriends, wives, children, citizens, and disrespected U.S. Only NOW Goodell is bot…

  9. RT @LessGovMoreFun: .Hey! #CBS, ready for All-time #Emmy ratings you deserve? All yours tonight with anti-American nutjob #Colbert hosting.…

  10. RT @Haven_CS: This is probably the best meme I've seen all night, lol. #MayweathervMcgregor

  11. RT @TheFakeESPN: Pretty Much

  12. RT @joerogan: The Flat Earth Conspiracy Is Becoming So Popular Someone Had To Create A Video To Debunk It none

  13. RT @ValaAfshar: A priceless reaction of baby girl, clearly seeing her parents with her new glasses

  14. RT @PGATOUR: .@RickieFowler shoots 67 and the round of the day! Co-leader at #TheMasters

  15. RT @AlexKennedyNBA: That didn't take long. (via @woodymlb4) Dude even added Ls on the hat.