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  1. Hi. I have an Areca 1880IX-12 with a raid-6 set, containing 8x2TB. The 1880-card malfunctioned (the internal expander died), and I received a new card from Areca. The new card shows two of the devices as "Missing" from the raid set, and the same disks are labeled "Free" in the device list. I have not done anything yet, other than let the system boot. There are also two disks in a raid-1 set (OS), and this raid set is acting fine. Because this is raid-6, missing 2 out of 8 disks should not be a disaster, and my first thought was to add the two missing devices as hot-spares to the raid set, and then let the raid set rebuild itself. But to be sure to do this in the right order, I have searched and read a lot of different posts about the topic, but none of them seems to be exactly like my situation. I therefore thought that it's better to be safe than sorry, and ask here if someone can guide me back to a healthy raid set. What are the correct commands, and in what order? Additional info in screencaps. If more information is needed, please don't hesitate to ask. =)