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  1. I have 8 physical drives, and I was thinking along the lines of grouping 2 physical drives into a mirrored set and then take the remaining 6 drives and creating single second mirror set or logical volume 2. So: HDD 1 > Mirrored to HDD 2 = Logical volume 1/Mirror set 1 ( this would be the boot volume where the OS lives) and HDD 3, HDD 4, HDD 5 grouped together into 1 logical Logical volume (volume 2) which is mirrored as a whole to the remaining 3 drives and give us mirror set 2. This set would be for the application data. So in effect we would be mirroring the logical volume here in this arrangement and not the actual physical drives individually. Is there a controller out there that can do this to create this type of RAID 10 array? If so how many drives could be lost simultaneously here without data loss? Also, are there any server based RAID implementations that can utilize dual RAID cards in like an active/passive type mode to avoid a single point of failure? When I say active/passive I mean a second controller not servicing I/O although in a ready state to be brought online in the event of a failure.