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  1. I came to this forum via a google search and was hit by a redirect and explot attempt. When a user comes to the forum from google (with a google.com referrer) a malicous script tag gets injected into the page which sets a cookie (to stop it happening again right away) and then redirects them to a url shortener. At the end of that url shortener is a malicous exploit server, which attempted to hit me with an adobe flash exploit. Since I run with flash disabled by default it didn't work on me, but most users probably wouldn't be so lucky. You need to examine the sources of your forum software and try to find where the script is being injected. Be sure to update your forum software/plugins as well. http://peter.upfold.org.uk/blog/2013/01/15/cleaning-up-the-ip-board-url4short-mess/
  2. Any chance we would see HAMR drives this year?
  3. No problem not being NAS drives I guess. I have off-site backups. Why I asked is that I'm wondering if there's any significant breakthrough or new model coming down the road (soon). Thanks!
  4. Any particular reason to avoid the Toshiba? I heard it's basically an HGST? At least, the HGST before WD's acquisition. Here, the DT01ACA300 (3TB) is available for <95USD, and the cheapest 4TB drive (Hitachi 0S03362) costs 150USD. Thanks. P.S. The ST3000DM001 is available for <105USD, BTW. Both it and Toshiba has 2-year warranty only.
  5. I'm going to get 2 x 3.5" drives to replace the current one for RAID-1 at home NAS. Was thinking about the Toshiba DT01ACA300 too. Knowing that there's not much new in HDD these days, is it a good idea to wait for the next gen? Thanks.