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  1. Check Out the Most Favorite Role-Playing Games on Android


    Role-playing games always bring players the most exciting experiences with their excellence of gameplay and graphics. If you are wondering about which game to try out this weekend, pay attention to our below article in which you can find the most highly-rated games. Now, let’s go to check the details of these ones!
    Monster Hunter Stories
    An introduction
    Monster Hunter Stories is a unique action game on the mobile platform where players become talented monster trainers. The game takes you on a journey to explore the world of Monsters including collecting, caring and turning them into warriors.
    The tamed monsters are called Monsties possessing amazing power. Joining the game, you will become a Rider with the opportunity to make friends with countless Monsties, riding them to explore the vast and exciting world. Check more about the game here: Top 10 Role Playing game
    About the game
    In the beginning, you will have to steal a monster egg and hatch it. After that, you will get used to it and train it to join battles. In this game, you’re tasked with discovering many different locations and powerful monsters, fighting and collecting powerful items.
    The story begins in a forest near the village of the Riders. 2 people with you, Lilia and Cheval stumble upon a glowing egg. All three consider it a toy and pretend to perform Kinship rituals as the villagers do. However, they are really surprised when it hatches a tiny Rathalos - a flying monster known as the King of the Sky. Three friends were extremely excited and decided to name it Ratha and brought it to the village
    Battles in the game take turn-based style, in which you and your monster will attack the enemy together. You all have 4 weapons to use and change in battle namely Hammer, Great Sword, Sword & Shield, and Hunting Horn. Depending on the type of weapon, you can use many different skills and other items.
    There are many types of attacks that you can choose to fight enemies with: Technique, Speed, or Power. For more power, you can bring Kinship Stone, a magic stone, to increase the power of monsters. After each battle, you and the Monstie will gain experience points, helping you level up. You will also find items left by your enemies.
    In terms of graphics, Monster Hunter Stories has very beautiful 3D graphics. Also, the characters are designed in a funny and very impressive Chibi style. Monster Hunter Stories gives players the feeling of experiencing a high-quality animated film that has the ability to interact directly.
    Toram Online
    What is it about?
    Toram Online is an open-world MMORPG role-playing game with eye-catching 3D graphics, large contexts, diverse character refining items, and powerful Skill systems. The game is compatible with Android devices 2.3.3 and above and is a free experience.
    The story of Toram Online is set hundreds of years ago when the surface of the Earth was separated by a cataclysmic event. The gods rushed to those lands to try to improve it but despite this, the world in general still bears a figure of patchwork. See more information from this site: Apk market download
    More details about the game
    Toram Online brings you back to an ancient age when a cataclysm suddenly crashed into the Earth, causing humanity to be engulfed in chaos. The whole world was suddenly divided into 4 groups of people and more than two of them were minions for the devil. As a young man, you will be tasked with finding the lair of these evil forces and recruiting magnificent heroes from all over the world together to destroy them.
    Being built in the open world, the context in the game is extremely diverse and will definitely bring you from surprise to surprise.
    Joining the game, you will meet various characters and gradually explore the game's storyline by experiencing adventures in parallel with facing the mysteries of the underworld. That way, you will write your own legends in Toram Online.
    Freedom will be the first gift that Toram Online brings to players. Therefore, you are no longer limited by any career or warrior class. Toram Online also allows characters to change their outfit depending on the equipment they are wearing, including shirts, weapons, shields, accessories, and jewelry. With so many different equipments combined with character customization, Toram Online provides players with more than 50 billion different characters, which is a truly impressive number for a mobile game product.
    Besides, Toram Online also brings extremely rich content for the community to enjoy. Mysterious areas, abandoned temples, and long-term missions with countless attractive rewards await you to explore and enjoy. Not only that, Toram Online enables you to interact with each other anytime, anywhere from chatting, buying and selling, exchanging or "party" to fight and all can take place in the village or in battlefields.
    Moreover, in order to let you show your own personality to bring your character into the most unique image, Toram Online offers 50 different ways of combining costumes and armor. All bringing us into the matrix of unlimited change. The magnitude of the content of such a game promises to push you to moments of immersion and truly enter into the world of Toram Online.
    The Banner Saga 2
    Banner Saga 2 is an epic strategy game that incorporates role-playing adventure, bringing players to continue to embark on a battle in a ruined world to lead their Viking tribe against hostile forces.
    In this playground, you will transform into the head of the Viking clan, holding in all the elite and powerful soldiers. Your task is to lead your army across a hostile country on the verge of collapse. Make bold, bright decisions, manage resources wisely and massively but skillfully to survive in harsh natural environments.
    As we know, The Banner Saga's story started when the sun suddenly disappeared, causing people to be confined forever in the sunset. At that moment, an ancient species called Dredge suddenly awakened and drove away the army to kill everywhere. In that situation, the warriors of the Varl race were tasked with escorting the Ludin prince to the capital of Grofheim in order to build a confederation to prevent the destruction of the Dredge. Download the game to experience from here: Top apk downloads
    After the long-term battle in the first part, these heroes eventually defeated Bellower - the Dredge clan leader. However, few know that the darkness has only begun to threaten the peace of this land when the Valka - the symbol of the apocalypse is still devastating.
    In conclusion, there are tons of games for you to try from the Google Play store. Hopefully, you will like our above suggestions and have the best time with them. Download these games from our store now to relax!
  2. I came to this forum via a google search and was hit by a redirect and explot attempt. When a user comes to the forum from google (with a google.com referrer) a malicous script tag gets injected into the page which sets a cookie (to stop it happening again right away) and then redirects them to a url shortener. At the end of that url shortener is a malicous exploit server, which attempted to hit me with an adobe flash exploit. Since I run with flash disabled by default it didn't work on me, but most users probably wouldn't be so lucky. You need to examine the sources of your forum software and try to find where the script is being injected. Be sure to update your forum software/plugins as well. http://peter.upfold.org.uk/blog/2013/01/15/cleaning-up-the-ip-board-url4short-mess/
  3. Any chance we would see HAMR drives this year?
  4. No problem not being NAS drives I guess. I have off-site backups. Why I asked is that I'm wondering if there's any significant breakthrough or new model coming down the road (soon). Thanks!
  5. Any particular reason to avoid the Toshiba? I heard it's basically an HGST? At least, the HGST before WD's acquisition. Here, the DT01ACA300 (3TB) is available for <95USD, and the cheapest 4TB drive (Hitachi 0S03362) costs 150USD. Thanks. P.S. The ST3000DM001 is available for <105USD, BTW. Both it and Toshiba has 2-year warranty only.
  6. I'm going to get 2 x 3.5" drives to replace the current one for RAID-1 at home NAS. Was thinking about the Toshiba DT01ACA300 too. Knowing that there's not much new in HDD these days, is it a good idea to wait for the next gen? Thanks.