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  1. Z-NAND was originally hyped up to be a competitor to 3d XPoint and was said to be close to 3D XPoint in performance, although not as fast, but closer to NAND in pricing. On paper, the specs look quite impressive. Samsung says up to 750k IOPs in random read speeds and the other statistics are pretty competitive with a NVMe SSD. Are there any reviews or early previews?
  2. Has anyone seen the reviews of the new Silicon Motion SM2262EN controller? The early benchmarks are very promising. The random performance looks promising. Nothing short of Optane and maybe Samsung Z-NAND is a competitor. It does have its weak points, but shows some promise. At least we have a marketplace that is not totally dominated right now by 1 company.
  3. CrazyElf

    Samsung 983 ZET Review Discussion

    If they can get the pricing down to close to NAND levels (as opposed to Optane levels), it should be a very competitive product. Right now I hear it is right in between Optane and NAND, although Optane prices have fallen somewhat. Any idea if this is MLC or SLC?
  4. ADATA, HP, and Mushkin all use the SM2262 controller. There are some pretty decent products out there. Here for example is the 2TB Mushkin with the SM2262 controller. 2tb ssd&cm_re=mushkin_2tb_ssd-_-20-226-891-_-Product For the price, it's not bad for a 2TB SSD. I suppose it would compete in the bracket occupied by SSDs like the Samsung 970 Evo, although just somewhat slower. The random performance is looking good though.
  5. Looks like we have this now: Not quite as fast as Optane, but still decent.
  6. Looks like 10 months now. If it is not available on retail, does anyone have it except for early partners who are sampling pre-release versions?
  7. CrazyElf

    Samsung SSD 970 PRO Review

    Seems like just a small incremental step forward for Samsung. I wonder why they didn't offer a 2TB version? There was a 2TB version of the SSD 960 Pro.
  8. Very strange that WD declined to sample for review. Here's Anandtech's review: It's competitive with the Samsung 960 EVO. The random write seems to be pretty good especially. I wonder if WD will release an MLC version of this SSD.
  9. CrazyElf

    Samsung 860 EVO SSD Review Discussion

    Interesting review. With more channels in parallel, would a larger SSD 860 EVO do any better?
  10. I am very curious how well a SLC 3D NAND SSD might do against Optane. Still, now that the cat is out of the bag, the random performance is especially impressive. Perhaps not 1000x that of NAND, but it does fit in the gap between DRAM and NAND I guess. Price is expensive, as you would expect for a premium product. I'm interested to see what Micron will release as well.
  11. CrazyElf

    Intel Releases Optane 900P SSD Series

    It's about $1.25 per GB, which is not terrible, but not exceptional either. Is the 480GB version just a less/no overprovisioned version of the 375 GB version? Going by this, it looks like the big advantage will be the high 4k Random Performance. Do we know if Micron will be releasing anything as well?
  12. CrazyElf

    Intel Optane Memory Review Discussion

    Do you mean by use Optane in a U.2 with a larger storage or as an SSD cache the way DRAM is?
  13. CrazyElf

    Intel Optane Memory Review Discussion

    The 4k random is the main reason to buy this Optane Memory. I guess the fact that for day to day use, most consumer workloads are where Optane is strong, which is a mark in this thing's favor. But in other regards, it doesn't do much better than SSDs. Yeah, 32GB is too small. Even many games are bigger these days than 32GB for example. It is really expensive nad hard to justify for what you get though. You could get a much bigger TLC SATA SSD for the same price. It might be interesting to see what Micron releases under the QuantX brand - same 3D XPoint, perhaps a different controller though.
  14. See the following:,5030.html Latency seems better and the Read performance at 4k at QD1 on the Anandtech review is very good.
  15. CrazyElf

    Intel Releases Optane Memory

    That drive write per day doesn't seem too much 32 GB on 100 GB/writes per day - that's barely 3 DWPD, which is about the same as an enterprise TLC SSD. That falls well short of expectations IMO of 3D XPoint's claimed endurance and certainly nowhere near DRAM. I wonder if these are low binned 3D XPoint.
  16. Is anyone else underwhelmed b y the endurance of these drives? It's not like RAM which basically lasts forever (ok maybe the the radioactive decay of key elements might cause issues). 30x DWPD is not that much. A PM1725 with NAND is 5 DWPD. With SLC and the same amount of overprovisioning, we are looking at 50x easily. 10x DWPD is just double that of many NAND SSDs. It is looking like this thing's QD1 performance, low latency, and worse case performance might be the only things going for it. Judging by the price it's not that far from DRAM itself.
  17. CrazyElf

    Samsung PM1725 SSD Review Discussion

    I'm surprised that this is not faster than the majority of the competition. Perhaps as you note, that is because of the SSD 960 series being so strong. I wonder if the PCIe x8 version would be slightly faster. They say 6000 MB/s sequential read and 1,000,000 IOPs random read, so it is certainly possible. No improvements on the write speed though. I would love to see a SSD someday overtake the PCIe 3.0 x8 limits though (that Samsung isn't too far on the sequential though) - we may someday need a PCIe 3.0 x16 SSD! It is also likely that this is a TLC drive. All of Samsung's other "PM" drives are TLC, while the "SM" drivers are MLC. Still the PE cycles at 40nm 3D should more than adequate. Maybe an MLC drive would do better - both in endurance and performance. The difference should be comparable to the 960 Evo to Pro I'd guess, provided they both have the same percentage of overprovisioning. Overall, I'd say the Huawei ES3600P V3 and the HHHL ES3600C V3 are the top SSDs.
  18. Now that helium hard drives have been on the market for a couple of years, would you consider them to be as reliable as existing "conventional" hard drives, more reliable, or less reliable? Will the helium inside eventually leak out?
  19. It looks like they already have one. The Samsung SM961 (MLC version) and PM961 (TLC version): The Anandtech article mentions that both have the Polaris controller; not sure if it is the same one as before. Here's a review too:,4608.html For sale 512 GB SM961: 1TB PM961 Let me know what you think. There are probably reviews of the PM961 somewhere on the web.
  20. Is this leaderboard worthy? It does seem to be overall, an improvement over the last generation. Any word on if there will be enterprise versions? The SM951 for example had the SM953, which was an enterprise variant with power loss protection. There are typically enterprise versions, like the 850 Pro having the Samsung SV843 and Samsung SM863.
  21. At this rate, we are going to need PCIe 3.0 x8 slots soon enough for SSDs - either that or a PCIe 4.0 x4 motherboard pretty quickly. Any idea what the 4k QD1 read/write will be? That is what really matters for most end consumers versus sequential.
  22. CrazyElf

    Crucial MX300 SSD Review (2050GB)

    Maybe they will counter with a larger SSD 750 Evo. That seems like a logical approach. But yeah, I see your point. At the low end, margins are razor thin and competition will be fierce. I just hope that this someday translates into better prices for higher end MLC SSDs.
  23. CrazyElf

    Crucial MX300 SSD Review (2050GB)

    The SSD 850 Evo more or less ran circles around the MX300 performance-wise. It will come down to price I guess. Still, it's nice that affordable 2TB (or about 2TB) HDDs are coming to market. I guess it's street price that matters.
  24. The weak 4k performance on this SSD makes it a questionable choice, seeing that 4k is the main type of workload for consumer use. Apparently this drive is also very energy efficient, which is may make it compelling for laptop use though. Just curious, are there any consumer drives with Toshiba's 48 layer 3D NAND BICs?
  25. Are these all TLC NAND products or is Samsung also planning to release a 64 high 40nm MLC NAND?