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  1. Thank you, I suspected as much. This makes the hybrid drive fairly useless to me in its intended placement. I'll probably demote it to a system drive on the backup desktop and put a SSD in the laptop.
  2. I'm buying a computer with a preinstalled Toshiba MQ02ABF050H hybrid drive. It has a 500GB mechanical hard drive and 8GB of NAND flash storage on board, which it uses to cache data from the hard disk for quicker access. I'm wondering if the two sides of the drive can be configured as two separate drives, using third-party software or some kind of configurator from Toshiba (I'm just guessing here). I plan on running Linux on this computer, and my usual laptop setup (a fairly slim Antergos install) takes up about 6 gigabytes, which would fit on the NAND with space to spare. This way I could run the OS from fast SSD memory and still have 500 GB of non-cached mechanical storage for user data.