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  1. https://t.co/V6nD2gEpsu Herron GoPro Competition

  2. @multifox do you make a addon like mutlfoxbeta /all my accounts for chrome?

  3. my gf has an old WD external Hardrive that it still has its own power supply and big and bulky. it is a 2 gig one and i use it to store my tv shows and its finnaly almost full . Recently I have noticed things that i have copied to it seem to disapear and then when i re download them and copy them back across it says it cant copy as it already exists and do i want to replace them? The Hardrive is almost full But i want to know a way to test this theory without checking lots of shows each time but the computer I run the torrents on is old so i am wondering if that could be a issue ? any help appreciated How long do external hardrives lasts these days. would a defrag of it help any info would be great